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Dispoz-A-Tray is a revolutionary new device that improves the way that prescription medicine is counted and dispensed.  It replaces the standard pill-counting tray and spatula with a lightweight, disposable, clear unit that is used only once for each medication.  The material properties are PP 100% Plastics and BPA (free).  It is recyclable and easy to manufacture, costing just pennies on the dollar.  Each tray has a material thickness of only 0.7mm, making it easily stackable while consuming minimal storage space.

The United States Department of Defense (DOD) has expressed priority interest in purchasing this revolutionary new device that may save the lives of countless soldiers by preventing cross-contamination of drugs prescribed for distinct and specific types of illness and pain.  Dispoz-A-Tray is also available to pharmacies throughout the world by mail-order using the form available on this website.

Ming Koh's Single-use Disposable Pill Counting Device, for which he was awarded U.S. Patent 8066124 in 2011.
Ming Koh’s Single-use Disposable Pill Counting Device, for which he was awarded U.S. Patent 8066124 in 2011.

Why Use a Disposable Tray?

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For the last 80 years, in every pharmacy on earth, prescription pills have been counted and dispensed using a single tray and spatula.  The problem with doing it this way is that some drugs, especially penicillin, sulfa and oncology-related agents can pose a potential cross-contamination health risk. The threat from penicillin and sulfa is allergic reactions, but for chemotherapy drugs it is toxicity. Anyone who opens a pill bottle can see the residue at the bottom.

People on pain medication often experience amplified, rather than relieved pain as a result of cross-contamination.  This new device has been designed and developed to eliminate this serious health issue.

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