How Dispoz-A-Tray Works

DISPOZ-A-TRAY COUNTING TRAYS are designed to allow tablets/capsules to be dispensed from a stock supply bottle and then counted by a pharmacist, pharmacy technician or other professional without the need to touch the tablets/capsules with human hands.

The slider below contains 6 slides that demonstrate the dispensing process.


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    When the stock bottle is first opened there is often a wad of cotton at the top protecting the medicine underneath. When that is the case, use the supplied spatula to pike the cotton from the small bottle. Most of the time, the stock bottleneck opening is small, making it hard to remove the cotton. The spatula hook is designed to fit into the small opening and grab the cotton for removal.
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    Once the cotton is removed, pour the tablets/capsules into the center of the counting tray.
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    The pharmacy technician/pharmacist then counts the required tablets/capsules and moves them to the left using the spatula, as shown.
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    Once the last of the prescribed amount of tablets/capsules are moved to the left-hand side of the tray, the remainder of the stock is on the right-hand side. The spatula can then be discarded into a labeled recycling bin.
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    Lift the tray up using the right hand and retrieve a new prescription vial with the left hand. Then tilt the tray with the right hand and pour the counted tablets/capsules into the new prescription vial.
  • Picture5-edit
    Now, let the prescription vial rest on the bench and retrieve the original stock bottle using the left hand. Tilt the tray using the right hand and pour the remaining tablets/capsules directly into the stock bottle. Lastly, the tray should be discarded into a labeled recycling bin and a new one retrieved prior to filling the next prescription. TO SUMMARIZE: The counted tablets/capsules have been poured into the new prescription vial, the remainder have been poured back into the original stock bottle and the counting tray has been discarded. THE TASK IS NOW COMPLETED AND ONE PRESCRIPTION HAS BEEN FILLED.

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